Bridget Donahue Gallery

August 23, 2021

Natural Information Society
Drum Divas
Preservation of Fire
Millennium Park, Chicago

March 14, 2021

Chicago Takes 10
Hyde Park Jazz Festival
Joshua Abrams and Lisa Alvarado

February 26 - April 17, 2021

Lisa Alvarado
Scab Diagram
The Modern Institute, Glasgow

February 18, 2021

Natural Information Society with Evan Parker
descension (Out of Our Constrictions)
Eremite Records

October 2, 2020 – January 21, 2021

Ballroom Marfa, Texas

Lisa Alvarado
Pia Camil
Jeffrey Gibson
Byron Kim
Kameelah Janan Rasheed
Hank Willis Thomas
Naama Tsabar
Cecilia Vicuña

July 17–August 30, 2020

Lisa Alvarado
Bridget Donahue, New York

The New York Times
Contemporary Art Daily 
Artforum Diary
Art Observed
Arte Fuse
Art Agenda
Artnet News

July 9-August 30, 2020

It Remains an Open Horizon
LC Queisser, Tbilisi
Co-curated by Marina Caron

Lisa Alvarado
Yto Barrada
Kamau Brathwaite
Heidi Bucher
Alexandru Chira
Thea Djordjadze
Andro Eradze
Stefanie Heinze
Karrabing Film Collective
Keto Logua
Brandon Ndife
Audrey Snyder

April 3–May 15, 2020

Platform : New York
David Zwirner Gallery, Viewing Room

ArtNet News

March 26 - 29, 2020

Big Ears Music Festival
Natural Information Society


March 24 + 25, 2020

Natural Information Society / Xylouris White

The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY
Ruba Club, Philadelphia


Feburary 28 - March 2, 2020

Natural Information Society 
Switzerland Tour

Feb 28
A Race in Space Festival, Luzern

Feb 29
Palace, St Gallen

Mar 1
Cave 12, Geneva

Mar 2
Church, Zurich

December 31, 2019

Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society
Eremite Records

#2 Washington Post best songs of 2019
#9 Wire Magazine uk best records 2019
#4 Wire Magazine uk best jazz/improv records 2019
#1 Magnet Magazine best of 2019
ARTnews the year in sound 2019
Aquarium Drunkard 2019 year in review 
Downbeat top-rated albums of 2019  
Stranded Records 10 favorite records 2019
Dusted best records of the decade

December 30, 2019

Natural Information Society
Thalia Hall, Chicago

October 5, 2019

Natural Information Society
Mandatory Reality
Moon Viewing Platform, Philadelphia

October 3 & 4, 2019

Natural Information Society
w/  Jim White
Union Pool residency, New York


October, 1, 2019

Aquarium Drunkard :: Decade / 2010-19
Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society :: Simultonality

September 12 - 15, 2019

Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey
LC Queisser gallery booth

September 13, 2019

Carl Stone
Natural Information Society
Constellation, Chicago

Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz Festival
Sardinia, Italy

September 6 + 8, 2019
Exploding Star Orchestra


September 7, 2019
Natural Information Society

September 1, 2019
Natural Information Society
Les Siestes Electroniques Festival
Coimbra, Portugal

Natural Information Society 
Cafe Oto, London, Residency

July 9, 2019
NIS joined by Evan Parker


July 8, 2019
NIS joined by Alexander Hawkins 

Wire Magazine

July 4, 2019

Natural Information Society joined by Hamid Drake + Helge Sten
Kongsberg Jazz Festival, Norway

Natural Information Society
Summer Shows 2019

Union Pool, New York, (w/ Sachiko Kanenobu)
Natural Information Society + Bitchin Bajas, New Music Circle, St. Louis

MANDATORY REALITY record release show, Constellation, Chicago (NIS octet)

Roulette Intermedium, Brooklyn, (w/ 75 dollar bill) 

Kongsberg Jazz Festival, Norway, (+ joined by Hamid Drake & Helge Sten)

Arkaoda, Berlin, (+ joined by Tony Buck, Magda Mayas, Theaster Gates)

Cafe Oto, London, (+ joined by Alexander Hawkins)

Cafe Oto, London, (+ joined by Evan Parker)

Copenhagen Jazz Festival

Ok La Festival, Montreal

Hideout, Chicago, (w/ Marisa Anderson & Jim White)

Transfiguration III Festival, Wortham Center for the Performing Arts, Asheville, (w/ Bonnie Prince Billy)

Festival Baignade Interdite, Toulouse, France

Rendez-vous de l'Erdre Festival, Nantes, France

Les Siestes Electroniques Festival, Coimbra, Portugal

Pardon Tu Tu, Warsaw, Poland

Sant’Anna Arresi Jazz Festival, Sardinia, Italy

August, 2019

Lisa Alvarado
ESS (Experimental Sound Studio) Artist Edition Tee 2019

May 21, 2019

Endless Shout, Paperback
Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

May 24 - June 23, 2019

Psychedelic Healing Center

Essex Flowers, NYC

May 17 - 19, 2019

Tbilisi Art Fair
LC Queisser, Tbilisi, booth

Cool Hunting

May 2–May 5, 2019

Frieze New York 
Lisa Alvarado
Booth C02
Bridget Donahue, New York  &  LC Queisser, Tbilisi

The New York Times
Frieze Magazine

Lisa Alvarado + Ray Johnson

March 14 – May 14, 2019
80 Washington Square East Gallery
New York


May 2– 5, 2019
Frieze New York
Randall’s Island Park

April 12, 2019

Mandatory Reality
Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society
Double album, (2xLP - 2xCD), silkscreened covers
Eremite Records

New York Times
Washington Post
Aquarium Drunkard
The Wire
Bomb Magazine
Tiny Mixtapes
Chicago Reader

March 7, 2019

Natural Information Society
Art Institute of Chicago
W/ Body/Head - Kim Gordon (Sonic Youth) and Bill Nace

Magnet Magazine

Natural Information Society
March 2019 ~ Europe Tour

9 - Trafo,  Budapest, Hungary

12 - Cankerjev Dom,  Ljubljana, Slovenia

13 - Bad Bonn,  Dudingen, Switzerland

14 - Taklos Festival,  Zurich, Switzerland

15 - Le Bourg,  Lausanne, Switzerland

16 - TBA,  Siena, Itay 

17 - Caos,  Terni, Italy

18 - Santeria Social Club,  Milano, Italy

19 - Dobia Lab,  Staranzano, Italy

20 - A4, Bratislava, Slovakia

23 - Beyond the Gate, Bohemian National Cemetery, Chicago

The Inner Sleeve :
Lisa Alvarado on Moki Cherry

The Wire Magazine UK
March 2019 issue

February 20, 2019

Theaster Gates’s Black Monks performance
Palais De Tokyo, Paris

October 13 - January 12th, 2019

Lisa Alvarado
Polyphonic Shadow Cloth
LC Queisser, Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia

Frieze Magazine
Hammock Magazine  1
Hammock Magazine 2

January 11, 2019

Natural Information Society
NYC Winter Jazzfest 

New York Times

November 16 -19, 2018

MECA Art Fair
San Juan, Puerto Rico
Bridget Donahue, New York

Brooklyn Rail

October 4 - 7, 2018

Frieze London
Mary Mary Gallery booth

Art Mag UK

Friday July 20, 2018

Natural Information Society
Pitchfork Music Festival  

Chicago Reader
New York Times Fashion

Out of Easy Reach

April 27 - August 5, 2018
Gallery 400, UIC, Chicago


August 24 - November 14, 2018
Grunwald Gallery, Indiana University



Album cover
Excavations 1
Joshua Abrams solo bass
Feeding Tube Records

Natural Information Society
Spring 2018 Shows & Europe tour

18 March - Hideout, Chicago
27th March - Blow Out Series, Oslo

28th March - Folkteatern, Gotemborg

29th March - Inkonst, Malmo

30th March - Cortisone Festival, Ghent

31st March - MK Gallery, Milton Keynes

2nd April - Oslo, London

3 April - Cologne, Statgarten

4th April - Bim Huis, Amsterdam

5th April - Brdcst Festival, Brussels

6th April - Rewire Festival, Den Haag

7th April - Arkaoda, Berlin

9th April - Banlieues Bleues Festival, Paris

11th April - Alice, Copenhagen

12th April - Atlas, Aarhus

13th April - Danish Vaishyas, Alborg

14th April - Momentum, Odense

21 April - Hideout, Chicago,
w/ Steve Gunn and John Truscinski

April 22 - Storehouse, Michigan,
w/ Steve Gunn and John Truscinski

January 5 – February 24, 2018

Alan Shields Project
Van Doren Waxter, New York

The New Yorker

Natural Information Society

February 5, 2018
The Chapel, San Francisco


February, 7, 2018
Zebulon, Los Angeles

January 1, 2018

Natural Information Society
Simultonality, eremite records

The Wire Magazine 50 Best Albums of 2017
Uncut Magazine 75 Best Albums of 2017 
Rolling Stone Magazine Best Avant Albums of 2017
John Mulvey’s 150 Best Albums 2017

November 17 - January 20, 2018

Lisa Alvarado, Alex Olson, Daniel Sinsel
Mary Mary Gallery, Glasgow

December 22, 2017

Hamid Drake and Michael Zerang’s 28th Annual Solstice Concerts
Hamid Drake: Music / Movement

Constellation, Chicago

November 30, 2017

Simon Starling lecture with Natural Information Society
Arts and the Nuclear Age lecture series
Logan Center for the Arts, University of Chicago

September 22 – November 17, 2017

Rare Earth, Organized by Theaster Gates
Exhibition soundscape by
Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society
Chicago Architecture Biennial

November 5, 2017

Natural Information Society
May Chapel at Rosehill Cemetery, Chicago


Subterranean, Chicago
with Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth)

June 9, 2017

Natural Information Society
Record Release show for Simultonality
Eremite Records 
Constellation, Chicago

March 26 - May 21, 2017

Lisa Alvarado
Sound Talisman
Bridget Donahue, New York

Performances by Lisa Alvarado, Joshua Abrams, Chad Taylor   +   White Magic  
+   William Parker   +  Natural Information Society   +   Carlos Blackburn   
+   Angelica Sanchez, Gerald Cleaver, Joshua Abrams   +   Battle Trance

New York Times
Mousse Magazine
Brooklyn Rail 
New York Magazine
New Yorker
Ravelin Magazine
Art in America

May 6, 2017

Natural Information Society
Nogueira da Silva Museum/GNRation
Braga, Portugal

May 5, 2017

Natural Information Society
Salão Brazil, Coimbra, Portugal

May 3, 2017

Natural Information Society
Teatro Maria Matos, Lisboa, Portugal

April 30, 2017

Natural Information Society
Kaleidophon Festival, Ulrichsberg, Austria

April 28, 2017

Natural Information Society
Centro D’Arte,  Padua, Italy

April 26, 2017
Natural Information Society
Stanser Musitage Festival, Stans, Switzerland

March 19, 2017

Natural Information Society
Endless Shout
The Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia

September 13 - March 19, 2017

The Freedom Principle: Experiments in Art and Music, 1965 to Now
Institute of Contemporary Art, Philadelphia


Feburary 2, 2017

Art Record Covers
Taschen books, Cologne

October 14 - January 15, 2017

Simon Starling’s At Twilight: A Play for two actors, three musicians, one dancer, eight masks (and a donkey costume)

Natural Information Society collaboration
Japan Society, New York

At Twilight/publication published by The Common Guild, Japan Society, New York and Dent-de-Leone

January 10, 2017

Natural Information Society
A Reflection
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

November 1 - 29, 2016

Natural Information Society residency
The Hideout, Chicago

July 2 - September 4, 2016

Simon Starling’s 
At Twilight: A Play for two actors, three musicians,
one dancer, eight masks (and a donkey costume)

Natural Information Society collaboration
The Common Guild, Glasgow, UK

July 1 - September 25, 2016

Material Issue
KMAC Museum, Louisville

June 12 - July 10, 2016

Messages in the Street, Chicago

June 1 - June 5, 2016

Serralves em Festa
NIS joined by Angélica Salvi, Gustavo Costa, João Pais Filipe,
Norberto Lobo and Yam Tembe
Serralves Museum of  Contemporary Art, Porto, Portugal

(performance in a Giorgio Griffa exhibition)

June 6, 2016
Natural Information Society with Norberto Lobo
Galeria ze Dos Bois, Lisboa, Portugal

June 17, 2016

Natural Information Society with Evan Parker 
Cafe Oto, London

June 12, 2016

Natural Information Society
Mona Bismarck American Center,  Paris, France

May 31, 2016

Natural Information Society
Cave12, Geneva, Switzerland

May 28, 2016

Natural Information Society
Obey Convention IX festival 
Halifax, Canada

May 10, 2016

Theaster Gates and T he Black Monks of Mississippi
The Black Monastic residency publication 
Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art, Porto, Portugal

May 2, 2016

Lisa Alvarado
Snake Drinks Water Makes Poison
The Wire Magazine UK
Limited edition Tee

April 28 and May 4, 2016

Natural Information Society
Doek Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands

March 11, 2016

Natural Information Society and Bitchin Bajas
Levitation Festival, Thalia Hall, Chicago

February 26, 2016

Natural Information Society
Intention To Know: The Thought Forms of Annie Besant
Stony Island Arts Bank, Chicago

December 20, 2015

Joshua Abrams and Natural Information Society 
Eremite Records

#2 Pitchfork‘s Best Experimental Albums of 2015
#3 The Wire UK‘s Top 50 Releases of 2015

July 11 - November 22, 2015

The Freedom Principle: Experiments in Art and Music, 1965 to Now
Museum of Contemporary Art,  Chicago
curated by Naomi Beckwith and Dieter Roelstraete

The Freedom Principle: Experiments in Art and Music, 1965 to Now
Book, MCA Chicago and the University of Chicago Press

September, 2015

Natural Information Society & Bitchin Bajas
vinyl, cass, mp3
silk-screened covers,
Drag City Records

April 4 - May 30, 2015

Imaginary Landscapes
Mana Contemporary, Chicago 

May 15, 2015

Natural Information Society with Hamid Drake
31e Festival International de Musique Actuelle de  Victoriaville, Canada

May 10, 2015

Natural Information Society
Union Pool, New York

April 26, 2015

Natural Information Society
Haiku Festival, Area Sismica, Forli, Italy

April 25, 2015

Natural Information Society
Hybrida Space, Villa Moretti, Tarcento, Italy

April 24, 2015

Natural Information Society
Kulturno Prireditveni Center Narodni Dom
Maribor, Sovenia

April 24, 2015

Natural Information Society
Kulturana, Warsaw, Poland

April 16, 2015

Natural Information Society
Mother at Fylkingen No.24
Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden

April 15, 2015

Natural Information Society
Jazzhouse, Copenhagen, Denmark

April 11, 2015

Natural Information Society
Sound in Motion, Muziekcentrum Trix
Antwerp, Belgium

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